Meet Max Lowe

Max Lowe connects with his friend Rachel Pohl and his step-father Conrad Anker amid the stunning beauty of the national parks in National Parks Adventure.

Before he could even walk, Max was taken into the wilderness and packed along on adventures across the globe. From his home in the mountains of Montana to Antarctica, Nepal and Mongolia, he has been witness to extraordinary moments, wildlife, people and places. It was from these experiences that stemmed his drive to traverse this world, and capture moments with his camera.

Born into a renowned outdoor family, Max grew up in the mountains alongside his parents Alex and Jennifer Lowe. After Alex passed away in 1999, Conrad Anker, Alex’s best friend and climbing partner over the years, slowly became a big part of Max’s life and eventually married his mother Jennifer.

Since Max graduated from college in 2011 he has continued to live in the realm of his father and step father, as a story teller via film and photo.

Over the years, Max has built his career around capturing the experience of those he travels with as they explore from the far reaches of the world around us, to places and issues right under our noses in the national parks in the US.

Max continues to work out of his home in Montana as a freelance filmmaker, photographer and storyteller. His work can be seen at

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