What Park Are You? Personality Quiz

Pick your spirit animal:

The lone crow
Mother Goose
You otter pick me!
Bunch of buffalos

Which path would you follow?

What sport gets you going?

Ice climbing
Jogging in the park
Extreme fan boating
Mountain biking

Who is your hero?

The National Park rangers
John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt
Super Woman Rachel Pohl
The MacGillivray Freeman film crew
Frozen Mountain Climber, Conrad Anker
Honest Abe

Which tree calls out to you?

Which rock rocks?

This rocky staircase
This sculpted rock
These hoodoo rocks
This frosty rock
This carved rock
These rocks disguised as lily pads

What is your mental state?

Just cruising
Barely hanging on!
About to explode!
Jumping for joy!
Totally in awe

What Park Are You? Quiz

You Got:

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