Meet Rachel Pohl

At the heart of National Parks Adventure is young artist and adventurer Rachel Pohl’s quest to visit all the national parks across the United States.

Born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, Rachel has always been at home in wilderness. She can often be found skiing, painting, climbing, mountain biking or exploring wild places. She also loves teaching art lessons and volunteering with at-risk adolescents.

This December Rachel will graduate from Montana State University with a degree in Studio Art. In her work she strives to express the experience of being in wild places, the feeling of being surrounded by undulating energy, dazzling light, and being immersed in quiet solitude. The joyful nature of these paintings, with their vibrant colors and stylized forms, are reminiscent of the feeling of moving through a dynamic and billowing world of light and shadow.

Her work can be seen at

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